4.1 English Ambassador

All English Ambassadors are selected from the Talent Pool and they display excellent performance in English. They are trained to promote the use of English on the campus and are exposed to more advanced and authentic use of English through various activities.

4.2 Drama

Pupils participate in English drama to learn how to express ideas on stage taught by NET. During the training, they are learning more about the stage, tone in speech and how to interact with authentic English speakers.

4.3 Choral Speaking

Pupils are given opportunities to practice speaking with choral speaking. They learn to strive for their best when performing it for their peers and it helps them build up their confidence.

4.4 SCOLAR—e-Writing Workshop

Our school joined SCOLAR English Alliance 2021/22: e-Writing with 21st Century Skills on the 23rd & 24th November, 2021 in order to develop students’ writing abilities and arouse their interests in learning English.

During the learning process, most of the students enjoyed the activities. They used their imagination and creativity to finish their works. They even used the Book Creator App to create their own storybooks.

4.5 SCOLAR—Bookworm Programme

What an amazing and inspiring day the students had! We are honored to welcome 5 teachers to our school to provide creative materials and reading activities for junior students.


Our school joined the SCOLAR English Alliance 2021/22: Bookworm Programme on 10th December, 2021 in order to arouse students’ reading interests and enhance their abilities in learning English.


The students were excited to create their very own storybooks using their logical thinking and resources provided. Games were played where students were able to practice their English reading skills. The students used their creative talents and the resources provided to finish their storybooks. The students highly appreciated this wonderful opportunity to develop their English reading skills as well as creativity. They had lots of fun and enjoyed the activities very much. 

4.6 SCOLAR English Alliance 2021-22: e-Writing with 21st Century Skills

Congratulations! We are proud of you!

We would like to congratulate our students for their excellent display of creativity in writing their own stories using the Book Creator app. They are awarded for their writings and creative skills using digital technology.

Awards Number of Students
Outstanding Award 2
Certificate of Excellence 2
Certificate of Merit 6

We are very proud of these students for their hard work and excellent dedication, well done!

4.7 Morning Assembly

NET(s) share stories in the morning assemblies with a short Q&A session. Pupils are thrilled when they get a prize with the correct answer!

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