Ocean STEM


有見及此,特意成立保護海洋資源領袖培訓計劃「OCEAN STEM」。讓學生透過觀察、比較、推論和分析等階段,動手解決海洋污染問題,從而提升學生的解難、設計循環、反思和創造能力。


With the continuation of the scientific investigation in Primary 5 Cross-curriculum Project, ‘Ocean Protector’, we are glad to introduce our theme for this year, ‘Understanding the Ocean & Marine Conservation’.

Through thematic exploration in Ocean Park and with the participation of experts in the field, students could know more about the ocean crisis.

In view of this, a marine biodiversity conservation leadership training scheme, ‘Ocean STEM’, is established.

It allows students to solve marine pollution with different learning stages (observation, comparison, hypothesizing and analytic skills, etc.), so as to enhance students’ problem solving skills, design cycle, reflecting skills and creativity.

Meanwhile, students could learn some scientific theories via group discussion about the construction of a marine ecosystem model, as well as program coding with tablets.

Thus, it promotes their awareness of marine conservation.

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